The Twin Cities Rainbow Chaser

moving across the country…to discover what God has in store

5. Tuesday: Reading

So, who fails at blogging?  Yes, that would be me.  Who is the queen of starting things and not finishing them?  Yes, me again.  So, here is to finishing up what I started…for once in my life.

On Tuesday morning, I kind-of slept in.  Then, I got up and made breakfast.  But, I did not just make any breakfast.  I made THE breakfast.  What is that?

It is only an awesome stack of blueberry pancakes topped with powdered sugar and more blueberry goodness, accompanied by a cup of freshly ground French Roast coffee.  Yes.  Perfectly fabulous…I know.  Doesn’t it look delightful?  The picture does not do it justice–I promise.  Okay, so that was just awesome and you can see “What is Love?” in the corner of the picture there.  I delved in.  Then, I got dressed…woot.  And, I went to a coffee shop just a couple of blocks away.  It’s on this street, we’ll just call it “C Street”.  C Street is well known for its homeless population and overall “sketchiness”.  But, there’s some really great stuff up there.  I went in search of a fabulous cup of coffee…yes, I found it.  I got my coffee and, due to the business of the place (it was around lunchtime), I sat outside.  I thoroughly enjoyed my hazelnut caffe au lait and learning about love…what love truly is in the world today.  Loved it.  Then I wandered around C Street for a bit.  I visited some of the fabulous antique shops and meandered around.  Then, I met a guy…who proved himself worthy of C Street.  He kind-of creeped me out.  Oh well.  I had been reading.  I had been drinking coffee . I was in a beautiful mood.  So, then what?

I went home ate lunch…leftovers or something insignificant.  Then, I went to Barnes & Noble (ugh…I should be shamed for going there, I know).  I had a reason–read a Praxis II book.  I have to take the Praxis II in less than one month.  It will determine my future…not really, but it’s a pretty big deal and I haven’t studied and I have less than a month and if I don’t pass I will cry and go get drunk and maybe do something else really stupid…okay, that was a little too intense.

So, I sat in Barnes & Noble and read the Praxis study guide for about an hour.  And, I came home to make DINNER.  It was a stupendous dinner…it rivaled the blueberry pancakes.

It was spaghetti…completely improvised, made up form scratch SPAGHETTI.  Well, I started with some left over “from scratch” pizza sauce…and went from there.  Some bell peppers and onions, oregano, “Italian spices”, sugar, tomato paste…oh yeah, and a hint of red wine.  I was impressed with my improvisational fortitude.  And so I ate my spaghetti.  I read some more.  And, I was content and at peace with the world.

Then, Wednesday came.  I had to clean my house and do laundry and boring stuff like that…and go to work.  Ultimately, once Wednesday hit, and I was over that five day “finding time” kick, I lost sight of everything that I was trying to learn as I searched for time.  This is pretty obvious when I realize it’s been almost a week since that day…and I’m just now writing about it.

Sadly, things are just going to get harder.  I start classes on Tuesday…ugh.  Not only do I have a full load, I’m working…two jobs.  I have my “normal” part-time job and then I’m also a copy editor for the university paper (I applied on a whim last year).  Where will my time be?  I have no way of knowing…but I do know that I need to set aside time to be intimate with God…to look at the stars and know how all-powerful and all-knowing and ever-present He is…that is what will get me through.

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4. Monday: Unplugged

Disclaimer: Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to completely unplug.  What did I “plug” into?  My phone (1: I was helping a family move in and I needed to touch base with them and 2: Someone called me to work for them one day later this week) and my DVD player (I needed a Cary Grant fix).

BUT, there was NO computer usage.  That is a really big deal for me.  I even took my computer on vacation this summer…to Gatlinburg, Tn.  How lame am I?  I did have an excuse though–online class.  It did a really good job of messing up my summer all around.  But, we’re over that and we’re moving on to a discussion of yesterday!

It started bright and early with a 7-9 am shift at work.  No big deal.  Then, I helped that family move in.  I continued the theme from Sunday, “Kids”, since this family has three kids under the age of six.  Part of the time, I just kept them corralled out of the way (things like refrigerators and monstrous dressers require a clear pathway).  I was really sweaty after that, so I took a shower.  Then I ate lunch.  And went out…to go shopping…ugh.  But, I got new shoes:  

I have wanted a pair of Pumas since I first saw some of the sleek looking sneakers.  And, I kinda sorta (if you stretch it really, really far) had a good reason to get them.  My knees & hips have been sore lately.  I blame it on (a) standing on concrete floors all the time at work and home and (b) bad shoes.  Thus…new shoes!  Legit, good for you, supportive shoes.  I also got groceries yesterday.  Ugh…why is food so expensive?  Anyways…being unplugged.  Between the 6 am wake-up call (and after midnight pillow and head rendez-vous) and lifting heavy stuff for three hours, I was exhausted.  So, I fixed myself some macaroni and cheese!

 Yeah, it’s the blue box stuff–I’m picky about my mac & cheese.  Anyways, yesterday was a really great day for me because of the mac & cheese . You see, I have, historically speaking, had big issues with macaroni and cheese: it’s always lumpy.  Since the very first time that I tried to make the yummy, gooey mess of unhealthiness, I have always ended up with clumps of the sauce powder ruining the whole dish.  And yesterday, at age 21, I managed to make perfect macaroni and cheese.  Feel free to be impressed.

I wrapped up my evening by starting on a scrapbook for spring break (road trip, camping, couchsurfing…pure awesomeness!), assisted by Mr. Cary Grant–gotta love him.  It was fabulous.  And, you know what?  The whole day made me think–gotta love brain power.

I thought about how much time I waste on my computer…especially in comparison to how much time I spend doing other things that are even awesomer (is that a word?  spell check doesn’t think so…oh well).  This might have been the greatest thing I’ve gotten out of the past five days: time is of the essence…don’t waste it in a virtual world!

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