The Twin Cities Rainbow Chaser

moving across the country…to discover what God has in store

About the Rainbow Chaser

Chasing a rainbow is a very difficult career.  One must be willing to ignore everything else going on, like the rain that beats down on you and tells you that you will never make it.  One must also have a keen eye turned to the sky, always seeking the path of that elusive rainbow.

A rainbow chaser must be an avid reader with a preference to the classics like The Great Gatsby and Wuthering Heights.  An affinity for cooking and tasting is also important.  The ideal rainbow chaser isn’t afraid of a little challenge, like a new bouldering problem or climbing route.  The occasional bike ride is helpful for the rainbow chaser to maintain a clear mind.

Friendships, while difficult to maintain, are important for the rainbow chaser.  Without friends and family, rainbow chasers tend to get overwhelmed by the pressures of the world.  Of course, the rainbow chaser is not always a people person; time away where the world can be quieted is frequently needed.

Tell me about your rainbow chase!

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