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A van is…

on October 26, 2012

A van is something you live in…or so I was told by a kindergartener the other day.

Comments like that stop your heart when they come from the innocent and pure lips of a bouncy five year old whose greatest concern is making it to the bathroom in time.  How does a five-year old come to a place where she defines a motor vehicle as “something you live in?”

Having worked in a few different schools, I have encountered a variety of students: students from affluence, students from poverty…students with supportive families and students without…students who find school easy and students who don’t…The wide variety of students has allowed me to practice various techniques and to find strengths wherever I look (or at least try).  I have known of students to be excited by  a free pair of socks or rolls of toilet paper.  But a student who identifies a van as a place of residence…it’s new to me.

And it puts things in perspective.  Right now, my concerns are paying for groceries with my limited stipend.  But apparently I am not too concerned…I just took a mini vacation (couch-surfing included…pictures and stories to come at a future date…be excited).  And I know that if my budget gets too tight, my parents will help me out.  So in the grand scheme of things, my concerns are non-existent.

I’ve never lived in a van.


Tell me about your rainbow chase!

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