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Joy to the World

on December 30, 2011

Yeah, it’s been a while.  My grades for the semester have been posted…all A’s except for blogging–F.  Yeah, so I didn’t actually get a grade for anything that I put on here.  But, if I did, it would not be good.

Anyways, Christmas has come and gone.  Like always, I felt like this little piece of my heart died when it was all over.  There is always so much hype and then, all of a sudden, it is gone.  After all of the hype that got started in August…December 25 passes and it is all over.  Like that perfect dream.

This has always bothered me.  It has always seemed like a tragedy that, after the clock strikes midnight, the magic is gone.  Decorations disappear to some dark corner of a garage or attic.  Bells are silenced until the next season.  And the joy that seems to be in the hearts of all humanity ceases to exist.  People return to be calloused and harsh with those around them.  Shopping once again becomes a tedious task interrupted by grouchy people.  There is no more occasion to make and send greeting cards.

NO–I won’t let it happy.  I will not let the joy of Christmas be sucked up like the pine needles that fall off of the tree when the vacuum cleaner emerges from its closet.  I have books to read and family to see.  There is still yummy food to be eaten and exercise to do (that’s required after all of the food).  My cat is still feeling friendly.  I have awesome presents to play with (not as awesome as a Barbie convertible, unfortunately).  And, most of all, that one great GIFT that gives this season its purpose is still there to be celebrated.  So, I refuse to stop singing “Joy to the world”…because no matter what month it is,

My Lord has come.

My Lord is here.


Tell me about your rainbow chase!

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