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Overdue for Refreshment

on October 14, 2011

My roommate is getting ready to go away for part of the weekend.  She overslept this morning and completely missed her first class.  Then, she had to go talk to one of her professors so she didn’t have her entire one hour break to chillax.  She rolled back into our apartment around 2 pm in a fit of “packing packing packing”…and just rolled back out.  As she was running around in her tizzy, she said something about having not eaten all day.  And I, in my mellowed out “I went to work at 6 am this morning”-state  decide that I should jump in on this conversation:

Me: Well, you’re the only one who has power over what you eat

B: I–I just haven’t had time today

Me: Well, what do you want me to do?  Feed you?

B: No–I was just–I haven’t had anything to eat all day!  I’m hungry and dehydrated…

She seems to have this problem a lot…”forgetting to eat” and then the world’s weight is on her shoulders.  As she is griping about this today, I come across this article.  Now, I know my roommate pretty well and I know that bringing up starving children living less than 800 miles away is not appropriate in this situation.  Sometimes (like the past few weeks), she gets sucked into this pity party where everyone else’s problems pale in comparison to hers.  It gets kind-of old sometimes…which is why I’m thrilled that she will be gone for approximately 24 hours and, on top of that, Fall Break starts next Wednesday.

Is it horrible to need a break from my roommate?  I think it’s perfectly normal to need a break from any and every type of person every so often.  Adding to the problem is my nature…I often just need a break from humanity in general.  I haven’t really had one of those breaks since she moved in right before classes started, somewhere around August 20.  I just need an opportunity to clear my mind of negativity and focus on the positive in life.  I’m tired of being a constant guest at B’s pity party…I’m ready to celebrate something.

So, celebrate I shall!  I am going to take my Friday night and…I’m not really sure yet.  But, I am going to be refreshed!  Scrapbooking…waffle-making (mmm)…drinking (yes, of the alcoholic variety)…writing…the possibilities are endless.  Oh yeah.  I have to study for econ too…that may have to wait until after she gets back.  Hmmm.


Tell me about your rainbow chase!

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