The Twin Cities Rainbow Chaser

moving across the country…to discover what God has in store

God is Good…still

on May 31, 2011

You know how easy it is to forget the stuff that you really want to remember?

Sometimes it is hard for me to remember how good God really is.  It is easy for me to get bogged down by all of the details of life…like tests and presentations and piano juries (which all went quite well, thank you very much).  Or, just the little things like fixing dinner and cleaning my room (if you could see my room, you might not consider this a “little” thing).  Life just has a way of overwhelming me.  It doesn’t happen that it doesn’t take much to send me running to hide in a corner away from sensory stimulation.  I like simple things.  I like small groups of people.  Big crowds make me uncomfortable.  Cluttered desks make me nervous.  And, dirty kitchen counters make me want to cry.  So, it’s easy for me to forget how good God is.

How is it that I remember partial biographies of jazz artists (I learned them earlier semester and then whipped one out at a wedding this weekend–Astrud Gilberto), several developmental theorists, and a handful of French tenses…but I forget how good God is.  Should that idea be ingrained in my memory by now?  That is how my life began…that is the opening line in the story of my life–no.  It’s the dedication!

It all makes sense now.  No one ever reads the dedication of a book.  Maybe I should think about this a little more.  I have this life story written in a book somewhere…by God.  Yes, he is the author (He has more experience than any of the authors being published today…and more copies sold!).  Chapter 1 began with the story of my parents…and somewhere along Chapter 6 I was baptized…and somewhere around Chapter 19 I almost gave up on God…now, we’re almost to Chapter 21 (yeah!).  But, let’s go back to the dedication.


I don’t really know what it says.  I don’t want to try to put words in God’s mouth. But maybe it goes something like this “To the world–may she be a shining example of my love.”  No, that’s too good for me.  “To the world–teach her so that she can teach others”–I like it, but still too good.

“To her–so that she my know I am here and I am Love.”

I think I like that one.


Tell me about your rainbow chase!

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